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Innovative care solutions

Our dedication to clinical excellence and quality care set us apart from the rest. With dynamic and innovative programs, CommonSpirit Health at Home is responding to the changing landscape and doing so with humankindness to increase patient satisfaction, provide better outcomes and lower costs for our partners and their patients.

Our innovative, high performing infrastructure has been tailored to enhance operational efficiency while also producing improved quality and patient experience outcomes, population health solutions and overall improved focus on the day-to-day care practices. The advanced technology and analytic systems we have in place allow us to make data-driven decisions based on patient outcomes. 

Our unique model of care gives us the platform to see our patients on a regular basis; we get to learn about our patients and are integrated into their lives. We are invested in our patients’ care and results. With our approach to high-touch care, we are able to prevent and preempt potential health hazards and issues; we know what you need, before you need it.


Specialty services

We offer a number of innovative speciality services and programs to support each patient and their unique needs. From remote virtual visits, telemonitoring and mediation management along with a comprehensive chronic care management program to antibiotics and nutrition support to pain medication, everything we do is designed to prevent future exacerbations, reduce emergent care and re-hospitalization, and improve the quality of life for our diverse patient population. 

Care is increasingly delivered outside the walls of acute care facilities as technology advancements drive the shift, supported by evolving payment mechanisms. Our organization understands and embraces the reality that the future of health care is in the home.

  • Remote virtual visits

  • Telemonitoring

  • Medication management

  • Antibiotics and nutrition

Our network of care

Our commitment to serve the common good is delivered through the dedicated work of employees, volunteers, clinical and office staff, powered by humankindness.

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